Formerly he was the CHEAF OF PLASTIC SURGERY DEPARTMENT of the Polyclinic “Gemelli” of Catholic University in Rome. He left this position to become Director the Center for Aesthetic Surgery – BRACAGLIA AESTHETIC CENTER FOR AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY AND MEDICINE, for him established by the Eurosanità S.P.A. at the Villa Stuart Clinic in Rome where for more than 20 years he has been working as an Aesthetic Surgeon assisted by his team of Specialist Aesthetic Surgeons.

He has also been Professor in PLASTIC SURGERY AND AESTHETIC SURGERY in the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Rome, Coordinator of the Integrated Course of Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery of the Degree in Cosmetology and Cosmetic Technologies, Lecturer in AESTHETIC SURGERY in the Specialization Course in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Rome, Professor of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Master for Specialists.

Prof. Roberto Bracaglia is the author of over 300 scientific publications on Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic techniques published in the most prestigious International Journals of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and also in Texts of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for Specialists.

Prof. Bracaglia, as a Specialist particularly dedicated to Aesthetic Surgery, has perfected Aesthetic Plastic Surgery techniques and has designed new ones that today are made available to Colleagues in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the International Scientific Community by the “National Institute of Health” and by “National Center for Biotechnology Information” – USA

Professional Updates in Congresses and Courses: In National and International Congresses and in refresher courses, he was a Lecturer and Moderator participant in over 250 Congresses, Symposia and Professional Refresher Courses of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery both in Italy and in Europe, USA and Brazil.
Prof. Bracaglia has won Scientific Prizes among which the CIRM International Center, the Sanvenero-Rosselli Foundation in Milan for the Study and Development of Plastic Surgery and numerous scholarships including: the Ministry of Health, the Superior Institute for Health, the Ministry of the University, the Italian Institute of Social Medicine, the “Regina Elena” Scientific Institute of Rome, and the Italian-American Medical Education Foundation.

As an expert he has been interviewed in numerous television broadcasts of RAI, Mediaset, etc. on topics of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and was quoted and interviewed in numerous articles in the national press such as Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, La Stampa, L’Indipendente, Il Messaggero, Il Giornale, Il Giorno, Messaggero Veneto, Il Mattino, Il Resto del Carlino, Il Tempo, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, La Nazione, Il Giornale di Sicilia, and in interviews and megazines (PEOPLE, TODAY, etc.) and by journalistic agencies such as ADN Kronos, ANSA, AGI etc.

He was born in Rome where he graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome with full marks and praise: in the six years of the graduation course and he passed all the examinations scheduled with the highest marks and many Laude. He is a member of the Order of Physicians of Rome.

He has the following Specializations:

  • Specialist in Plastic Surgery (highest marks and honors);
  • Specialist in Ear Nose Throat (top marks and honors);
  • Specialist in Oncology (top marks and honors);

Passed the National  Exam to obtain the license for Chief of Plastic Surgery.

 Extended periods of residence  in Clinics abroad to further qualifications in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery:

  • The “Ivo Pitanguy Clinic” of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Department of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the General Hospital Universitade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro Departments of Plastic Surgery – Instituto de Pos-Graduacao Medica directed by Professor Ivo Pitanguy Rio de Janeiro – Brazil;
  •  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic directed by Professor Jaime Planas Barcelona – Spain;
  •  Clinic of Plastic Surgery – Ospital das Clinicas directed by Professor Jorge IshidaSan Paolo – Brazil;
  •  Plastic Surgery Department at Emory University – Woodruff Health Sciences Center – directed by Professor Jhon Bostwick – Atlanta – U.S.A .;
  •  Department of Aesthetic Surgery – Teknon Center directed by Prof. De Benito Barcelona – Spain
    • Plastic Surgery Center of the Manhattan Eye Ear Throat Hospital directed by Prof. Sherrel Aston – New York City – NY: U.S.A.
  •  Medical-Chirurgical Center Foch – Service de Chirurgie Plastique de la Face and du Cou Chirurgie Cranio Orbital Palpebrale directed by Dr. Darina Krastinova Paris – France;
  •  Clinic International – Service of “Chirurgie Plastique” directed by Dr. Raspaldò Cannes – France
  •  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Recovery Center Paces directed by Professor Foad Nahai – Georgia – U.S.A .;
  •  Department de Chirurgie Plastique – A. de Rothschild Foundation – Paris – France
  •  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the AkademiKliniken directed by Prof. Per Hedèn- Stockholm – Sweden

Professor R. Bracaglia is also the author of many texts on Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, in particular the following Chapters of the Italian Medical Encyclopedia – USES:

  • Cosmetic Surgery 
  • Breast Plastic Surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Edemato-fibro-sclerotic panniculopathy (Cellulite).

He has edited the Italian Edition of Specialist Texts:

  • Mammarie Prostheses – Marrapese Editore – Rome
  • Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of Mammella – Capozzi Editore Rome

He is Ordinary Member of the following Scientific Societies:

  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Italian Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Italian Society of Otorino
  • Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Italian Society of Dermatology
  • Plastic Surgeons Association of Central Italy (Member of the Board of Directors and Founding Member)
  • Plastic Surgeons Association of Lazio (Member of the Board of Directors and Founding Member)

Private activity
Professor R. Bracaglia performs aesthetic surgery at the CLINICA VILLA STUART – Via Trionfale 5952 (Camilluccia) 00136- Rome, a Top Quality Private Nursing Home in Rome with excellent qualifications and organization.

He is the Scientific Director of the: BRACAGLIA AESTHETIC CENTER for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Medicine at the Villa Stuart Clinic.

Tel 06-35454444

Private Study: AESTHETIC SURGERY CENTER – Villa Stuart Clinic – Via Trionfale 5952 (Camilluccia) 00136 – Rome

For information on the Clinic and activities of the Bracaglia Aesthetic Center of Villa Stuart in Rome please visit the website: