Epithelioma -Body

Cutaneous epitheliomas (Basocellular Carcinoma, Spinocellular Carcinoma) are the most frequent tumours in white-skinned people. They appear on the skin of elderly people, but seldom on young subjects, due to an individual or family predisposition. Their onset is favoured by a chronic exposure to the sun and, as a consequence, they are frequent on the areas that are more photoexposed, such as the face – mainly of peasants and seamen, but also of whoever stands for a long time in the sun without an adequate protection. It can be easily diagnosed thanks to a careful examination of the cutaneous lesion.

Cutaneous epitheliomas (Basocellular Carcinoma, Spinocellular Carcinoma) must be diagnosed as soon as possible so that their excision can occur in an initial phase and the radical removal is as limited as possible, considering the nobility of the most affected area: the face.

According to the affected area and to how large is the epithelioma when diagnosed, most times its surgical removal can be performed together with the immediate reconstruction of the removed part, to enable the patient to recover physical integrity as quickly as possible. The plastic surgery techniques, as well as the reconstruction ones, can be more or less complex, also according to where the skin epithelioma is located (Basocellular Carcinoma, Spinocellular Carcinoma) – such as nose, eyelids, ears, lips, etc. – as well as to how large is has become.