Face Scars: Correction through Dermoabrasion

Dermoabrasion is an effective method to attenuate facial post-traumatic scars or the ones ensuing from acne. It consists on the mechanic removal of the more superficial layers of the skin. The derma regenerates in about 7-10 days and creates a new layer of skin that is smoother than the previous one. Generally, face scars due to accidents or to previous surgeries are treated successfully with dermoabrasion.

Surgical Operation:
Dermoabrasion consists in the mechanic removal with a diamond wheel of the more superficial skin layers, without removing the deeper ones. Such operation is known as a mechanic resurfacing of the skin. In so doing, only the superficial layer of the skin, the one that contains the more prominent irregularities, is removed, making the underlying skin smoother.

After the dermoabrasion is performed, some drugs are applied locally in order to favour the new epithelization, which usually takes place in 7-10 days. Post-surgery pain is quite mild and, in many cases, completely absent, or, anyhow, easy to manage with a simple painkiller. After such operation, the patient must not expose him/herself to the sun for a period of time which varies from case to case.

Furthermore, the patient will have to apply specific creams for some weeks. According to the different cases, as well as to the patients’ choices, dermoabrasion can be performed under local anaesthesia (outpatient) or general anaesthesia (one day hospitalization).