Fillers are injectable substances, useful to fill in face wrinkles and furrows, cheekbones and lips, as well as to fill in some hollow parts of the body, due to previous traumas, anomalies during growth, etc.

There are many types of fillers on the market; nevertheless, some have been used more than others and so, on many cases, a richer case record is available and both short and long term effects are better known. The selection of the type of filler to be used is carried out by the expert Surgeon, according to where the correction has to be performed and to the result the patient wishes to obtain.

Fillers can be classified as reabsorbable (for ex. the hyaluronic acid), as non-reabsorbable (goretex, acquamid, coaptite, hydroxyapatite, polyacrylamide) or partially reabsorbable in time, such as the fat drew from the patient and re-injected in him/her, after purifying it from all its useless components. It is an outpatient implant and, thanks to the high biocompatibility and hypoallergenicity of these substances, no preliminary test is necessary.

The result is immediate and it lasts according to the product used and the area of the face it is injected in: if the reabsorbable fillers are used, it is necessary to repeat the administration periodically in order to maintain the appropriate aesthetic correction.

The definitive ones are used only after having applied the first time a reabsorbable one, to show the patient the result of the desired correction before switching to the use of a definitive filler, which would be difficult to remove in case of a change of mind. When using definitive fillers, it is a good practice to achieve the final correction in at least a couple of sessions, to obtain the desired result with more accuracy.