Lipofilling, Lipo-restructuring based on Coleman Tecnique – Lipolifting

Why is useful to do a lipofilling of the face?
The face has expressions that change continuously thanks to the elasticity of the skin, the elastic softness of the underlying adipose tissue and the continuous dynamic action of mimic muscles. Underneath the skin there is, in fact, a very soft precious adipose layer between the skin and the bones. The adipose tissue very effectively conceals the skeleton and gives a very pleasant plasticity to the face and its facial expression.

With aging one of the most frequent phenomenon is the progressive reabsorption of the thickness of the adipose tissue and this occurs above all at the expense of the upper half of the face, eyes, temples, in the maxillary zygomatic region (the central region of the face between the cheeks and the cheekbones). With the passing of the years on many faces the eyes appear sunken, “hollowed out”, the cheeks are emptied and the bones of the cheekbones gradually emerge under the skin, becoming protruding and giving the face an unattractive look because of its sharp, skeletal appearance., As a result of the loss of the underlying adipose tissue the skin appears flabby, emptied, without a support to give it turgidity. This situation can be corrected with the modern technique of Lipofilling or Lipo-structuring based on Coleman Tecnique. With this tecnique, a part of the adipose tissue is transferred from a region of our body, where it is in excess, and then implanted where it is necessary to fill areas of the face or body that have emptied. This procedure has frequent application in those people who, with aging, manifest an evident reabsorption of the subcutaneous fat of the face.

How does Lipofilling or Lipostructuring based on Coleman Tecnique take place?
To perform this lipofilling or Lipo-structuring procedure, the adipose tissue is taken from a distant area where it is in excess (for example, from the subcutis of the hips, abdomen, knee, etc.). The most suitable part of adipose tissue is harvested by sterile centrifugation and immediately injected in the chosen areas of the face or body. This implant is carried out with tiny syringes and thin atraumatic smooth cannulae.

With this technique of auto-transplant of adipose tissue it is possible to fill the naso-labial grooves, the cheeks, the lips, the cheekbones, or any other part of the face but also of the body as, for example, the breasts or the buttocks. Lipofilling or Lipo-structuring based on Coleman procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia, as appropriate.

How is the post operative period?
The post operative period is free from pain, while the swelling of the part where the fat has been transplanted lasts only a few days. A part of the transplanted fat survives , while a part is reabsorbed over time and for this reason a little more is always injected than will be needed. Sometimes, if a greater filling is desired, another similar procedure can be repeated after months or years to reintegrate the reabsorbed volume.

The fat transplant can also be performed in association with further cosmetic surgery such as a face-lift, performing what is called a Lipo-lifting. It combines the positive effects of a face lifting surgery (with which excess skin is removed) with that of lipofilling (to reconstitute the volumes of lost adipose tissue). Postoperative lipofilling or Lipo-structuring surgery Coleman is characterized by a swelling that disappears in a few days and an almost complete absence of pain. The result obtained is extremely pleasant and natural.