A mastopexy or breast lifting operation is carried out to correct falling (mammary ptosis) and flabby breasts by remodelling them and returning them to the right shape and position.

Mammary ptosis (the sliding down of the breasts with respect to the right position on the chest) is a natural phenomenon which appears with the passing of years due to the physiological ageing of the breasts. However, in some women, this phenomenon can occur when they are still young and can be even more evident, due to a family tendency or following an important weight loss, or after a pregnancy, especially if associated to a long breast-feeding period.

Mammary ptosis can be evident even in young women whose breasts have undergone a fast and considerable growth during puberty, followed by just as fast and considerable a regression. Mammary ptosis causes an obvious aesthetic damage, inasmuch as the breasts progressively slide downwards, flattening over the abdomen and losing their pleasant look, their shape and projection. In such cases a surgical breast lifting operation is advisable.

Surgical Operation:
A mastopexy or breast lifting operation is aimed at returning the breasts that have slid downwards to their high natural position and at making them look more shapely, by remodelling them properly.

The breast lifting surgical technique varies according to the size of the breasts and to the entity of the defect to adjust. The skin incisions can simply follow the edge of the areola, or go as far as the sub-mammary crease along which they can remain hidden. The final aspect of the scar is closely related to the personal healing characteristics of the patient, and can only be predicted by and large on the basis of the patient’s type of skin, complexion, eventual basic pathologies and some life habits.

Besides correcting the position of the breasts, a breast lifting operation can increase the volume of the breasts, if required, thanks to a mammary prosthesis (breast lifting and prosthesis surgery). This type of combined operation is often requested when the falling of the breasts (mammary ptosis) is associated with a loss of volume (mammary involution), as can happen after a serious loss of weight or a pregnancy.

Infections seldom occur, neither does an asymmetry with respect to results, often due to a different healing of the two breasts – this problem can be corrected with a small surgical retouch job. The breast lifting operation is carried out under general anaesthesia with a one-day hospitalisation.