Reductive Mastoplasty

Reductive mastoplasty is the operation to reduce the volume of breasts that are too big. The excess cutaneous, fatty and glandular tissue is removed and the new desired shape is reconstructed with the remaining gland and the overlapping skin.
During a reductive mastoplasty operation, a reduction of the areola diameter is also carried out to harmonize it with the new size of the breasts. Besides being a bothersome defect, an excess volume of the breasts often causes a feeling of heaviness and awkwardness in movements. In some cases, the breast bulk is such that it can prevent some activities such as running, jumping, playing tennis, etc. Another consequence of an excess weight of the breasts is the feeling of pain in the neck and back, the development of deep furrows on the shoulders due to the compression of the bra straps, a feeling of heaviness and an under breast skin irritation, specially in summertime when perspiration macerates the skin.

Surgical Operation:
To carry out a reductive mastoplasty, the skin incision varies from case to case, according to the initial weight, the entity of the reduction and the final desired shape. The cut on the skin can be limited to cut all around the areola or to reach the sub mammary crease or to go along it for just a few centimetres. When the reductive mastoplasty is of a greater proportion, in fact, the incision is carried out around the areola, and then it goes down vertically towards the sub mammary crease and becomes horizontal, looking like an upside-down T, at times called “anchor-like incision”. This last portion hides very well under the breast. In the case of a reductive mastoplasty of very large breasts, if the patient is a heavy smoker, she must stop smoking or smoke as little as 3-4 cigarettes per day for a week to a fortnight after the operation. The final aspect of the scar is closely related to the personal healing characteristics of the patient, and can only be predicted by and large on the basis of the patient’s type of skin, complexion, eventual basic pathologies and some life habits. The reductive mastoplasty operation is carried out under general anaesthesia with one day hospitalisation.