Thighplasty - Arm Lift

The skin of the internal surface of the thighs can become unpleasantly overabundant and flabby, even in young people, after an intense loss of weight or, sometimes, because of a family trend. Such a condition is particularly evident in the higher part of the internal surface of the thigh, the one closest to genitals.

The skin can be so flabby as to form folds and cutaneous irregularities extremely unpleasant to look at and touch. Such a situation causes a considerable discomfort in walking, because of the friction of a thigh against the other. In some cases it can even cause a chronic irritation of the skin. This discourages the person affected by this problem to undertake a regular physical activity.

Surgical operation:
Thighplasty or thigh lift consists in the removal of the surplus skin and fat from the internal part of the thighs, to improve the tone. A skin incision inside the thigh up to the inguinal plica, where it stops, is carried out.

The technique of the lifting of the thighs varies according to the entity of the defect to be corrected and is carried out under general anaesthesia and, generally speaking, with a couple of days hospitalisation.