Adolescents and cosmetic surgery: the intervention I would like

Adolescents and cosmetic surgery: the intervention I would like

Almost three out of four very young people have the characters of the show as a model of beauty. A study reveals that 49.2% of Italian boys would make use of aesthetic medicine, while 31.3% would not even stop at the plastic surgeon’s scalpel. The girls they are in clear prevalence, but many have already thought about it. A trend that worries specialists, also because in many cases there is the drive of the parents behind the teenagers.

THE SURVEY – These are the results of a survey carried out among students of Italian high schools, the result of a partnership between the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine with the University of Catanzaro, and with the of the Italian Association of Aesthetic Medicine (AIdME).

A sample of 2265 people between 13 and 18 years of age was considered, of which 880 males (38.9%) and 1,385 females (61.1%). The regions of Southern Italy (69.3%) are slightly over-represented compared to those of the North (18.1%) and of the Center (12.7%), but the data are nevertheless indicative.
Among the biggest worries of girls is too short stature : in this case they try to compensate for the lack of height with thinness.

Teenagers are very careful about makeup and are willing to invest their savings in cosmetics. Among the defects to be corrected, they would especially like to increase the volume of their lips.
Boys, on the other hand, give great importance to an important muscle mass, thanks to which they feel more attractive.
They are not against, if necessary, the possibility of undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Which models are they inspired by? Almost three out of four very young people take a character from the show business as a reference model. This is the case for 58% of girls and 17% of males: among the boys, personalities from the world of sport also count a lot. On the other hand, one in five would like to look like friends or family members.

SURGICAL DREAMS – 17.7% of the sample would like to improve some part of their body, especially girls. 12% of them would like to have a makeover: especially their breasts, hips or legs. Among the boys, 5.7% would resort to surgery and report muscles, nose and ears as critical points).
On the other hand, 49.2% of the sample would use aesthetic medicine, 31.3% of the interviewees of the sample and plastic surgery, still with a clear predominance of women.
Finally, 15.8% of girls and 3.3% of boys have already used aesthetic medicine, for example to treat acne, reduce unwanted hair or stretch marks or have resorted to a scalpel to correct the nose. the ears or breasts.
Interestingly, surgery was significantly more frequent among males (5.3%) than among females (1.9%).

THE MOST REQUESTED TREATMENTS – 57% of the sample, especially the male one, has already targeted acne in at least 50% of cases.
Interventions against stretch marks are also very popular (16%), especially those located on the arms and chest due to the effect of body building.
And then there are the hairs , sworn enemies of 12% of the interviewees, with an increasing tendency to the male demand for epilation on the chest and back. Cellulite, on the other hand, affects 15% and, of course, they are only women.