Aging: a well-designed oval is the secret of ageless beauty

Aging: a well-designed oval is the secret of ageless beauty

The recent National Congress of the Italian Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery dealt with the theme of anti-aging research by examining data on body perception.

The center-facial lifting (or lifting de pommettes) could be a solution , through interventions limited to the oval of the face . Focusing only on the jaw and neck would indeed be an outdated concept. To rejuvenate it is necessary to dwell on the ideal oval which, always in the drawing, represents the aesthetic ideal: from the eyebrows to the mouth.

The tissues lose tone and give way due to age, this creates wrinkles on the neck, but what really attracts the attention are the eyes and the mouth. But what does the center-face lifting consist of? In a multidisciplinary approach, first of all, which starts from psychology, with the study of body perception, touches aesthetic medicine and arrives at plastic surgery.

Traditionally, the surgeon who wants to make a face fresher first of all acts on the tissues which, slipped down due to age, blur the jaw line and cause wrinkles on the neck.
But the most recent body perception studies reveal that these are not the areas that capture the patient’s attention, who is almost exclusively focused on the oval that includes the eyes and mouth .

In short, acting on peripheral areas is of little use. Again, taking action does not necessarily mean resorting to a scalpel massively.
According to an less and less invasive approach , facial rejuvenation is achieved by combining a series of treatments and interventions: a sectoral lifting , which leaves a small scar in front of the ear, in the base area; infiltrations of botulinum toxin , to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead if necessary; autologous fat transplant , to revitalize the tissues and restore firmness to the face. For many years now, facial rejuvenation has included autologous fat transplantation, which is appropriately taken from the points of the body where it is naturally present (abdomen, hips, etc.), “selected” and transferred to the cheeks or cheekbones, the parts that tend naturally to lose volume over the years.

If combined with the lifting, i.e. the repositioning of the tissues that have fallen due to age, lipofilling has the effect of restoring the fullness typical of youth to the face and, thanks to the action of the adult stem cells contained in the fat, to activate a process of regeneration that improves the elasticity and vitality of the tissues, making them visibly younger. The results can be even more striking by choosing a particular method of taking and transferring fat, the so-called nano and micro lipofilling, which in fact constitutes the center-facial lifting. Using very thin probes, the transfer is possible and effective even in very delicate areas, such as the eyelids, which regain tone without resorting to a scalpel, helping to give a general impression of rejuvenation.