How to get rid of underarm fat

How to get rid of underarm fat

For some women, the ideal dress or a perfect bathing suit may seem to fit perfectly everywhere except in the armpit area , where a fatty buildup forms that literally “Overflows” when wearing the bra (and in fact the Americans have coined the term “ Bra fat “). This particular adipose accumulation appears to be resistant to any type of diet or exercise, but fortunately liposuction can be helpful.

Here’s how get rid of underarm fat with surgery and a few lifestyle changes. Underarm liposuction is performed using microcannulas that crush and suck away the accumulated fat.

The surgery to remove underarm fat takes less than an hour and leaves no obvious scars because the cannulas are very small and it is not necessary to make large incisions. Recovery for this type of liposuction is rapid, light temporary bruises will form and moderate swelling will disappear quickly.

Causes of axillary fat: excluding a pathological cause, we can say that fat accumulates for various reasons:

  • first of all it is normal for women to accumulate fat especially in the upper part of the body;
  • incorrect food choices and a too sedentary lifestyle, combined with stress, alcohol consumption, certain drugs and the action of hormones are all factors that, even together, can promote adipose accumulation;
  • Breast Size: Larger breasts tend to have a greater amount of fat. This causes the armpits to appear to be very chubby when in reality they are not.

Underarm fat remedies: while it is normal for many to have some fat in the armpits, when this accumulates in excess it can become really unsightly: the armpits appear plump and round and around the bra it forms a sort of lump of fat often also annoying. First of all, you need to understand the origin of this fat: only the doctor will be able to tell you if it is a simple adipose accumulation or a mass on which it is good to investigate (a lipoma or a lymph node).

Of course, proper and regular exercise and a healthy diet are the first allies against underarm fat.

  • exercises with weights, dumbbells, ropes etc … serve to tone the muscles around the armpit but also to increase the metabolic rate, body mass, strength and help maintain a healthy weight ;
  • eat lots of vegetables, proteins and essential fats; drink a lot of water; avoid refined sugars and starches;
  • Avoid wearing bras with padding, but opt for those that have wider side coverage.