Make it up with a click!

Make it up with a click!

Aesthetic Surgery simulators go crazy online: just upload your photograph and play with the mouse to undergo virtual rhinoplasty, lifting, mammoplasty and liposuction.

For face, breast and body, they have become the new trend of the web. Regular nose, model sizes and increased breasts! Who doesn’t dream of seeing all this in their own reflection in the mirror?

And when nature does not help, there is always the loophole of cosmetic surgery. Yet the fear of the scalpel is a deterrent that keeps many women away, but finally even all the cowards will be able to take off the whim of being remodeled to perfection thanks to the simulators on the web. Born for those who intend to undergo a rhinoplasty, lifting, mammoplasty o liposuction, have already become trends on the net, for use and consumption not only of remade futures, but of anyone who wants to feel at least for a moment Gisele Bunduchen or Kate Moss.

How? Very simple, just upload your photo and try among the many solutions: Botox for wrinkles, fillers to restore volume to the lips, anatomical prostheses and breast lifting, body remodeling and much more. And all without a scalpel, or rather: the scalpel becomes the mouse!

These are in fact three IT tools (each dedicated respectively to the face, breast and body) which represent the most advanced professional application of preview simulation of the results of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. The most popular on the net is that of the face which allows you to see in a few seconds what improvements a tweak here and there would bring, giving the illusion of having said goodbye to wrinkles and crow’s feet. Even those dedicated to the body and breasts drive internet users crazy, offering them remodeling, liposculpture and firming just a click away.

Perfect for all those women who do not like cut and sew or for those who want to print the photo with the result of the liposuction and stick it on the refrigerator as a deterrent!