Contouring arms

Contouring arms

Improving the arm profile is the goal of anyone wishing to maintain good arm aesthetics after massive weight loss or aging.

Brachioplasty is a highly sought-after and safe procedure to improve arm contour and several innovative approaches and treatment options have been described since the 1930s.

Arm contouring includes surgical and non-surgical procedures used to aesthetically enhance the arm. Also the use of the term “ brachioplasty ” can mean: “arm lift”, “arm shaping”, “arm liposuction”, “non-invasive arm lift”, “minimally invasive arm lift”.

Commonly used techniques, classification systems and procedures. There are several ways to get a good arm contour. There is no consensus on the best type of incision and location, but grading systems help guide treatment. Assessment of excess fat, excess skin, and location of deformity (proximal, full arm, arm and chest) helps determine the best approach, including liposuction, skin resection, a combination of liposuction and excision, or even the use of non-surgical devices. Infection, hematoma, and noticeable scarring are the most commonly reported complications.

Brachioplasty is a growing procedure and can be done with low complication rates and good patient satisfaction. Classification systems stratify deformities with respect to the ideal treatment, but no studies have shown the superiority of one technique over the other. Non-surgical fat removal and skin tightening of the arms are optimal procedures for select patients and high levels of situational awareness are required to show precise indications for different technologies and devices.