Anti-aging: non-invasive substances and methods for a younger face

Anti-aging: non-invasive substances and methods for a younger face

With the growing awareness of the importance of a natural and healthy life, many have decided to choose minimally invasive and very “green” aesthetic options. Furthermore, most people do not wait until they reach an advanced age to choose a treatment that can rejuvenate the eyes by eliminating that dull and tired look caused by crow’s feet, bags under the eyes and dark circles.

Sunken eyes, which often appear with aging, are the result of atrophy of the adipose tissue normally present around the eye of young people.
The increase in volume around the eye area is one of the main trends in facial rejuvenation as a whole and can be achieved with hyaluronic acid gel fillers or with dermal fillers such as autologous fat.

Treatments related to the body’s regenerative resources are a growing trend. One of these solutions for face rejuvenation consists in therapy with stem cells extracted from the patient’s own fat and used in anti-wrinkle treatments and facial volume correction. Another facial rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of the patient’s bodily resources is platelet-rich plasma therapy ( PRP ).

PRP treatments involve the separation of plasma and platelets from a small sample of the patient’s blood which is then injected through a series of micro injections or through microdermabrasion.
It helps the growth of collagen making the skin softer, smoother and more elastic. Another growing trend is microneedling , also known as collagen induction therapy because it stimulates the skin to produce collagen through the use of very fine needles. he other non-invasive augmentation procedure uses radiofrequency waves .

Restoring the lack of volume around the eye, especially the upper eyelid groove, the lower junction of the cheek with the eyelids, eyebrows, midsection and temples can regain freshness and give a younger look in the eye area . These are day hospital treatments that allow the resumption of social life within a few hours.