Cosmetic surgery, from Lip Lift to Deep Plane: the new trends that drive Hollywood stars and beyond

Cosmetic surgery, from Lip Lift to Deep Plane: the new trends that drive Hollywood stars and beyond

di Maria Serena Patriarca

Aesthetic treatments to have a face reshaped by eternal teenagers (or almost) make up the lion’s share of traditional more “invasive” surgeries: this seems to be the dominant trend of the moment in cosmetic surgery and the eternal search for beauty. To drive the media, as always, are the great Hollywood actresses and stars, even if the “tweaks” made on them, at least according to the fans, have not always had the desired effects. This is because sometimes an ideal of “beauty” has been pursued, as they say in the Anglo-Saxon world, too standardized in generic models, and not attentive, instead, to individual needs and the path of the image and well-being of the individual person.

As happens in any field, relying on non-competent professionals or exaggerating stereotypes of beauty to be pursued at all costs has also led many international stars to regret botox and its surroundings. A striking case is that of Meg Ryan, who according to journalists and fans worldwide has really exaggerated in wanting to rejuvenate her face, risking the opposite effect. The must of the moment, therefore, is to rediscover the “non-invasiveness” of surgery and aesthetic medicine treatments. Ok to the scalpel, if necessary, but without overdoing it, leaving space, where possible, for non-invasive treatments and, perhaps for the youngest, specific make-up to make the face truly “Zoom-proof”, or videogenic, from the moment that our contacts with the outside world are increasingly filtered through the web platforms.

Among the most popular treatments to give new youth to the face, truly videocall-proof, is the so-called Full Face , a process that aims to eliminate the features of fatigue from the patient’s face, giving new light and vitality to the facial features through filler with variable doses of hyaluronic acid.

The obsession with advancing age, and among the American stars Sarah Jessica Parker (icon of the TV series Sex and The City) is proof of this, it goes hand in hand with the rise of rhinoplasty, called in the USA Nose Job . It’s time for gentle rhinoplasty, or Preservation Rhinoplasty : ban on “French noses” at any cost; if once there was a tendency to remove any irregularity with resection, today instead a few multiple grafts are preferred to reconstruct the nose, in the name of a rhinoplasty that could be defined more conservative, and which is limited to remodeling the anatomy of the nose , in fact, with minimal tissue resections, to guarantee a more natural and less stereotyped final effect.

Lifting is also evolving: if before it consisted more than anything else in the incision and removal of the skin that was then pulled and sutured, today the Deep Plane technique is crazy, or a lifting in which it also intervenes, deeply, on the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (the SMAS, deeper than the skin). This is in order to achieve more stable and long-lasting results.

The leading trend, in the post Covid, for the lips is – instead – the Lip Lift , with real lifting operations that go beyond the classic dermal fillers. With the Lip Lift, the space between the nose and upper lip is surgically shortened; this in order to improve the smile, since the teeth are more exposed and the lip appears rotated: a goal much requested especially by the American divas who have made smiling on the red carpet a must in life.