All crazy for the Vocal Coach: When singing contributes to psychophysical well-being

All crazy for the Vocal Coach: When singing contributes to psychophysical well-being

di Maria Serena Patriarca

Vox sana in corpore sano. In our voice, and in the correct use of the breath, the key to eternal youth could nestle. A recent study by Finnish scientists, at the University of Helsinki, highlighted how singing, mindful breathing and voice management techniques are the basis of body-mind well-being, important to train at any age, but especially when elderly. to counteract the body’s natural degenerative processes.

This is why the “ vocal coach ” are becoming more and more requested, even by athletes, for a well-being path that includes not only physical, but also emotional and psychological aspects of the person.

Nessi Gomes, a talented Anglo-Portuguese singer-songwriter, has made this goal her mission and her “therapeutic” singing video tutorials on the web, especially aimed at women, have gone viral.

In Italy Sarah Biacchi, mezzo soprano, polyphonic, actress and vocal trainer for show business professionals, recently launched the Save Your Breath method, in the wake of the concept that the voice it is life, since it is the tool we use the most and, in an age of videoconferencing and videopresentations, it is often our first business card. The voice is a primary artistic and professional tool, essential for actors and singers, but also for those who use it daily for many hours, such as teachers, commercial agents, telephone operators. In the Save Your Breath method, breathing is trained through the innovative Elettro Mio Active Stimulation (EMS) technology: wearing a special vest connected to the stimulations on the deep muscle fascia guided by the specialized operator, via computer, in In just 24 minutes, the costodiaphragmatic breathing is enhanced, up to the maximum vocal performance, and is applicable to all singing and acting techniques, but also recommended for those who simply want to take care of themselves by rediscovering their vocal potential. Each session is individual and personalized. Through the combination of work on posture, muscles, breathing and flexibility, the flow of one’s inner energy is harmonized, freeing the parts of the body blocked for various reasons, which can be physical, postural or psychosomatic. This type of work also contributes to weight loss, always as part of a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle. The goal is to seek an “active” harmony, which distributes the alignment of the breath over the entire spine and – consequently – acts on the study and resolution of respiratory and joint problems. Through this new method you train, therefore, to learn how to manage your breath, use your voice to the fullest and at the same time feel good, keep fit, reshape the silhouette , and tone the muscular system: essential practices for any type of activity, from the most dynamic and sporting ones to the most static and sedentary ones.

Voice training is becoming more and more popular on social networks, and on the main online platforms you can follow workshops where guided breathing and “therapeutic” singing are combined with precise musical sounds. The American gospel and jazz singer Cheryl Porter, for example, on TikTok is very followed by followers from all over the world for her vocal coaching videos. Without forgetting the InBorn Voice method (which is also an App), with the many fun exercises that -without vocalizations- are able to correct the voice, change one’s intonation and make the authentic shade that belongs to everyone.