Cosmetic surgery: trends for 2022 and how the pandemic has evolved treatments. Meanwhile, millennials are rediscovering botox

Cosmetic surgery: trends for 2022 and how the pandemic has evolved treatments. Meanwhile, millennials are rediscovering botox

di Maria Serena Patriarca

We are a people of “Narcissus”. Italy ranks fifth in the world ranking for the number of cosmetic surgery operations: the figure emerges from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the international association of aesthetic plastic surgeons. If it is true that with the spread of Covid the opportunities for social meetings, and showing off one’s look, have drastically decreased, it is equally true that a large number of people have chosen to take advantage of the lockdown – and the related obligation to wear the mask – to take advantage of undergoing a cosmetic surgery, camouflaging its effects (especially the first days after the treatment) thanks to the mask.

Business card for our relationships in society and for self-esteem, the face and aesthetic appearance of the body, according to a study by the Financial Times , in Great Britain have been so important in the last year that the requests for tweaks by women and men have even quintupled.

This trend of resorting to the long-awaited “retouch” (which for many remained only a dream in the drawer) has also been a winner among Italians since it has been possible, in many cases, to save on other fronts (such as travel, shopping, restaurants) and investing more economic resources to put an end to unpleasant face and body imperfections. Without forgetting that the increase in smart working and business videoconferencing via webcam has pushed professionals and managers to different self-assessment criteria, to show a more refined and youthful appearance on video.

But what will be the trends in cosmetic surgery for 2022? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, most of the people concerned, both women and men, will aim for the “ antiage ” effect, reshaping the body and reducing wrinkles and signs of aging.

The news that stands out, however, concerns Botox : it is not only the over 40 or 50, in fact, who undergo botox injections to give new life to their face marked by wrinkles and signs of aging. Surprisingly, more and more millennials prefer to focus on the prevention of aging processes at a young age, and who consequently go wild in the race for lip fillers, for example.

For the female target, the trend of breast augmentation remains the most common reason for turning to the plastic surgeon in many countries around the world. In addition to breast augmentation with prostheses, to increase the fullness of the breast, there is an increase in targeted actions for Lipofilling of Breast , a procedure for transferring small amounts of fat from an area of the body (which can be the abdomen, or a thigh) at the breast. This method gives more natural results and reduces the risk of rejection and complications.

And Liposuction? Requested by women but also by men, it continues to be a very popular technique to put an end to imperfections in various areas of the body: from the abdomen to the chin, from the thighs to the buttocks.

As for rhinoplasty, in its traditional form it always takes the lion’s share, but there is an increase in requests for non-surgical rhinoplasty, or the Rinofiller , a procedure that gives very valid even if not permanent results. in time.

The lowest common denominator of this scenario is a basic assumption: the interesting thing is that the treatments are as less invasive as possible and do not distort our appearance.