Wellness and cosmetic surgery, thanks to the mask effect, focuses more on the gaze than on the mouth

Wellness and cosmetic surgery, thanks to the mask effect, focuses more on the gaze than on the mouth

di Maria Serena Patriarca

We live in the age of face positivity , where thanks to the advancement of technological innovations, in synergy with medical-scientific research and increasingly “performing” materials, it is possible to rely on less invasive treatments and more natural and effective result for our well-being.

According to data released by Aicpe (Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), blepharoplasty is the second most requested surgery, after breast augmentation. Thanks to the Covid effect, and the prolonged use of masks – which cover the mouth but highlight the gaze – the eye contour area seems to have stolen the show from the lips. In addition to blepharoplasty, a practice that has greatly evolved in recent decades thanks to the innovative techniques used, medium-facial lifting interventions, volume correction with fillers, eyebrow surgery, canthopexy to give the eyes an “almond shape” are increasingly requested ”, Regenerative medicine and targeted aesthetic medicine treatments.

Surgical practices, but also non-surgical ones, are increasingly used in tandem with each other to optimize the appearance of the skin, also in terms of volume and texture.

In the US, on the other hand, the most coveted effect for the eye contour area is the Foxy Eye or “fox eye”, which gives the gaze a more seductive aspect: for this, aesthetic threads are used, of biocompatible material, inserted to obtain an immediate lifting effect. The traction and anchoring threads pull the lateral skin of the eyebrow upwards, tensioning the lateral canthus of the eye, and ensuring an elongated effect in the temporal area, Hollywood diva style.

Returning to the data released by Aicpe, particular attention goes to Minimally Invasive Periorbitoplasty, a surgical practice that aims to reposition the eyebrow, and at the same time also acts on the appearance of the eyelids, giving youth to the eyes and face and eliminating wrinkles. of the forehead. This technique originated in Brazil, takes place under local anesthesia and leaves a single scar at the edge of the scalp. However, remember that there will be a network of stitches on the entire forehead, and this in the post-operative period requires a total renunciation of social life for a few days. The result is very durable, but in Italy this intervention has not really “taken off” yet.

Timeless, also as an antiage prevention, is Botox. Through a specific dosage, Botox can also be injectable in younger age groups (obviously with a more moderate effect), in order to relax the muscles and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Without forgetting that the good cosmetic surgeon must also know how to “educate” his patient to what is best for him, without exaggerating, precisely because the risk of “social dysmorphia”, which is especially the victim of generation Z, is behind the angle.

Last, but not least , although the pandemic has put a strain on our physicality and accelerated the process of facial attention, the body should certainly not be neglected. Among the novelties there is the device Schwarzy , the latest born of the Deka company, which allows you to tone the buttocks, arms, abdomen, legs in less than thirty minutes with over 20 thousand contractions, thanks to personalized programs that act on 3 levels of muscle stimulation: aerobic, remodeling and strengthening. This gymnastics for the body acts on muscle tone and redefines the silhouette . Schwarzy can also be combined with treatments that treat localized adiposity and imperfections due to the relaxation of muscle mass. The ideal is to intervene with a synergy of complementary treatments, to obtain effective performances that allow us to respond to the needs of patients who express the desire not only to lose weight, but also to intervene on localized adiposity and muscle tone, through non-invasive treatments.