Christmas is approaching: the new trend is to offer aesthetic medicine treatments

Christmas is approaching: the new trend is to offer aesthetic medicine treatments

di Maria Serena Patriarca

An interesting phenomenon of this holiday season? The growth of gift certificates for aesthetic medicine treatments.

Among the most popular new trends in this field of “alternative” gifts in the name of beauty and well-being, facial treatments take the lion’s share.

Let’s start, for example, with the jaw: a more squared and defined jaw can sometimes make the difference in the features of the face. Among the trends of the moment in aesthetic medicine, the mandible filler holds a very special place. If the problem is that of an excessively round face, this is the most chosen type of treatment, because it intervenes where the natural protrusions are not very evident and where the separation between face and neck is less visible. Let’s examine specifically what it is: the jaw filler consists of a series of injections of hyaluronic acid in the jaw and chin. In this way, the lower part of the face is redefined, and a very clear jaw line is recreated, with a precise definition between the chin area and the neck; thus the skin is more stretched and – last but not least – this treatment is not invasive and is painless.

Among the “ evergreens ” that never fade in the world of cosmetic surgery is the desire to increase natural lips. The dream of showing off full lips even surpasses the pandemic situation, in which the lips are so often covered by the mask. The “boom” of the moment is to use fillers with a limited duration, but which respond better to the needs of patients. To be truly attractive and not vulgar, women’s lips usually follow a ratio between the upper and lower lip of 1 to 1.6, i.e. the lips must occupy a space of at least 10% of the lower third of the face. This proportion, in reality, also concerns the male sex, since more and more – recently – men are resorting to aesthetic medicine to enhance their lips and appear sexier.

Nose retouching is also one of the most popular treatments, but in a less invasive version. The rhinofiller (or liquid rhinoplasty) consists of small targeted injections of hyaluronic acid into the nose: these injections allow for non-surgical remodeling. The filler implant on the back of the nose can soften the profile, because it allows you to fill irregular areas, eliminating the annoying “hump” and correcting or modifying the angle of the nose with respect to the forehead. The rhinofiller also allows you to reshape the tip of the nose, making it less bulbous and lifting it. The proportions of the various parts of the nose and face are thus softened, and the result is that of a harmonious profile.

However, always remember to contact qualified specialists, able to accurately evaluate – before proceeding – dosages and implant areas.

Let’s now move on to an overview of the rest of the body. With the advance of Covid and the continuation of smart working , many people experience the phenomenon of greater accumulation of fat on the hips, abdomen and legs. This is why the requests for the SCULPSURE machine are experiencing a surge in recent months, and probably the trend will be confirmed for 2022: it is a painless, effective and above all non-invasive treatment, which remodels the critical points with the action of particular microwaves, which perform targeted actions against fat cells. Without forgetting the VELASHAPE III treatment, a patented non-invasive method that acts directly on the tissues, encouraging the reduction of cellulite and increasing lymphatic drainage, and also the ULTHERAPY machine which is the first and only approved ultrasound lifting. by the FDA which is able to make the skin more toned, smooth and compact without having to resort to a scalpel, strengthening the tone of those areas of the body that are usually more difficult: such as the face and breasts, which lose elasticity over time.