Trend Keck Treatments: treatments to combat expression lines due to the massive use of electronic devices

Trend Keck Treatments: treatments to combat expression lines due to the massive use of electronic devices

di Maria Serena Patriarca

A youthful and well-groomed face is undoubtedly everyone’s desire: but it is not enough if the delicate line between the end of the jaw and the beginning of the neck, the area frequently more prone to premature skin prolapse. It is precisely here, in fact, that expression lines and sagging skin are accentuated – from the age of 30 onwards.

Certainly the incorrect postures that we assume every day, such as the hours spent on the smartphone or looking at the tablet, do not help us.

The data are very clear: if until 2017 the Jeck Treatments (where “jeck” means the crasis between jaw , mandible, and neck , neck) were little known, and poorly requested, from 2019 onwards, and especially over the last two years, there are many patients, both women and men, who have begun to take an interest in the beauty routine aimed at the well-being of this specific area of the body. The so-called “techno-wrinkles” – due to incorrect postures in front of the mobile phone, PC or other electronic devices – are feared more than ever, even by the target of the youngest. In fact, in recent years, a sometimes reckless use of devices has led us to keep the head facing downwards for many hours a day, in an unnatural position and also harmful to eye health.

The neck, compared to the face, ages more rapidly: this happens due to its particular conformation, since this region of our body is composed of a few sebaceous glands and has a very thin muscular layer and skin thickness.

There are targeted treatments to intervene in giving new youth to the mandibular region and the neckline: such as micro-stitching performed on the whole area, by means of an intradermal injection of vitamins, hyaluronic acid or other active ingredients. But there are also treatments without needles, such as pulsed light, for example, or radiofrequency (which contracts the elastic fibers of the skin), or, which consists of microfocused ultrasounds that allow, by generating heat, to stimulate the production of collagen and create a contraction of the muscle fascia.

For an anti-aging effect, but without the surgical facelift, you can opt for VaserLipo, a minimally invasive procedure that breaks down fat cells with ultrasound technology: this guarantees excellent results for removing excess fat, quickly and in a single session.

Let’s not forget, in view of the general aging processes, the damage caused by exposure to sunlight, smoke and smog, as well as hydration, which is often insufficient.

Among the first signs of time there are the dreaded “Necklaces of Venus”: these wrinkles currently appear even a few years earlier on young people, compared to what happened years ago in previous generations. This phenomenon is connected with the prolonged use of electronic devices. For this reason, the experts in cosmetic medicine and surgery point out, starting from the age of 25-30 you should add some specific neck and décolleté creams with an elasticizing and toning effect to your beauty routine. After all, wellness cannot ignore the nourishment of the skin and its hydration.

A tip may be to apply masks rich in hyaluronic acid or ceramides, to moisturize and nourish the epidermis, and then apply collagen and peptide creams with a light massage, without exerting too much pressure. This simple relaxation break, for example in the evening, helps to relax and dermofill the Venus necklaces.

The neck requires daily attention: after having cleansed the skin and eliminated the residues of make-up, smoke and smog, it would be advisable to apply a super moisturizing serum from the age of 30, an antioxidant between 30-40 years and from 50 years upwards serums based on retinol, especially at night before bedtime.