In the gaze the secret of beauty and seduction: more and more Italians are resorting to blepharoplasty, canthopexy and minimally invasive periorbitoplasty

In the gaze the secret of beauty and seduction: more and more Italians are resorting to blepharoplasty, canthopexy and minimally invasive periorbitoplasty

di Maria Serena Patriarca

The eyes and the eye contour: the parts of the face on which the Italians, and the Italians, focus more for a curated and winning image, in personal life as well as in social relationships: blepharoplasty remains – not surprisingly – the second most requested treatment of cosmetic surgery in Italy (after breast augmentation), but there are also other surgical practices that can give a younger and more vital appearance to the eyes and the surrounding area, in this historical moment more than ever the subject of care and attention, since we often work in videoconferencing and we are required to wear masks in the offices.

The Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine of the Orbital Region is therefore experiencing a moment of great demand from the public of various types of ages and professions. In addition to the “classic” and evergreen blepharoplasty, which in recent decades has nevertheless evolved for the materials and techniques used, targeted treatments in the eyebrow area, mid-facial lifting, canthopexy, regenerative medicine and the correction of volumes with fillers, are all very topical issues.

As highlighted by the Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it is up to the competence of the individual cosmetic surgeon to evaluate which type of intervention the patient really needs: often, in fact, the doctor is asked for a blepharoplasty operation, while what is needed is, instead, raise the eyebrow or move the song, or modify the eyelid volumes: the possibilities of correction in this area of the face are varied, and the goal must always and only remain that of obtaining a harmonious and as natural result as possible. In addition to blepharoplasty, it is right that those who turn to the cosmetic surgeon know all the other effective practices to correct congenital defects of the eye (relating to proportions, shape, volumes) or to act on the “ antiage ” plan , giving a more youthful look to the eye.

Canthopexy, for example, is an intervention that allows the outer corner of the eye to be brought upwards (called, in fact, song). It is a useful surgical procedure to correct a congenital defect in the shape of the eye (such as the downward eye), but also to improve the appearance of the lower eyelids, subject to laxity due to aging. Through canthopexy you can change the cut of the original eye, or solve problems that have arisen with age, which may have changed the area of the canthus or the lower eyelid. Canthopexy can also be combined with other orbital surgery, such as blepharoplasty, depending on the result to be obtained.

As for the minimally invasive brow lift, this surgical practice aims to reposition the eyebrow, but also acts on the appearance of the eyelids and reduces forehead wrinkles, giving greater freshness to the eyes and face. It is a technique that takes place under local anesthesia and leaves a single scar at the edge of the scalp, but it involves a particular “network” of stitches on the forehead, which in the post-operative period requires a renunciation of total sociability for a few days. The result, in the face of a minimally invasive intervention, is however really satisfying and lasting over the years: the opening of the gaze and the elimination of forehead wrinkles, which follows the raising of the eyebrow, give the face a more natural and young.

Mid-Face Lifting (mid-face lifting) is a very delicate and invasive surgical practice, performed under general anesthesia, which consists in the detachment of the subcutaneous soft tissues of this district, which are then moved upwards on the arch of the orbit, where they are anchored, thanks to incisions that will leave negligible scars. For this type of lifting you must rely only on expert professionals, and it is an intervention indicated to lift the soft tissues in the area between the line of the eyes and that of the mouth (nose excluded), particularly prone to aging elastosis. Very often this area is treated only with filling techniques (with fillers or autologous fat) valid to restore the volume of the cheeks if they are emptied but, except in some cases, not to radically solve the problem of the descent of the tissues downwards . The mid-facial lifting offers, in these cases, remarkable results: it improves the appearance of the eyelid bags under the eye and cheeks, and relaxes the skin, decreasing laxity and roughness. The result is truly natural and long-lasting: it gives a more youthful and rested look, even after many years.