Thigh Lifting: with the arrival of the beautiful season, we get ready for the costume test

Thigh Lifting: with the arrival of the beautiful season, we get ready for the costume test

di Maria Serena Patriarca

Spring: anteroom to summer and the much feared “costume rehearsal”. It is precisely these months that lead many patients to consider targeted diets, as well as interventions and treatments aimed at giving new life and tone to the thighs. Sometimes, in fact, gymnastics is not enough, and the thighs become the mirror of the signs of aging or possible overweight.

One of the most current issues of the moment is therefore the lifting of the thighs, as a result of which the profile of the leg appears aesthetically more pleasing and harmonious, with a visibly smoother, more compact and toned skin. An advantage of the thigh lift is the position of the scars, which remain on the inner surface in a barely visible position. The results are permanent if you resort to the operation, and not to simple aesthetic medicine treatments. Sometimes, however, it might be advisable to undergo a further “retouching” after a few years: on average, this is a period of time ranging from 5 to 10 years.

The “classic” thigh lifting technique therefore provides for general or spinal anesthesia, for an operation that can last an average of about 2 hours. The surgeon will make an incision in the groin and inner thigh, up to the gluteal fold. In a second phase, the excess skin will be removed (and possibly also the sagging tissues), an operation which could also be associated with a liposuction. This process is for moderate skin relaxation and is aimed at giving a more homogeneous appearance to the legs, and the sutures are applied in a rather hidden area of the body, namely the inguinal fold.

This allows the skin of the legs to be lifted, to give a more toned and smoother appearance. This procedure, ideal for minor blemishes and shorter in carrying out than the surgery, always ends with sutures in hardly visible areas.

As for the post-operative, in this phase attention must be paid, especially from a nutritional point of view. In the first day after the thigh lift it is good to eat lightly, preferably taking liquid substances. The recurring symptoms of this surgery are swelling, tiredness, soreness, and difficulty moving in the immediate post-operative phase. This is why the cosmetic surgeon usually prescribes drugs and elastic stockings; sometimes it is necessary to carry out manual lymphatic drainage cycles. All the usual daily activities are resumed – on average – about 2 weeks after surgery, even if each patient has different peculiarities.

Once the time necessary to resume normal activity has elapsed, it will also be important to cultivate the healthy habit of moderate daily or weekly exercise.

Online, especially on YouTube, the videos of the personal trainers of the stars are very popular showing simple exercises (even to be done in 15 or 20 minutes) to keep the legs and thighs toned and young.

The summer season, thanks to the swimming pool and the sea, will also be an excellent chance to train in the water. Aquagym is in fact the ideal and non-aggressive solution to tone and keep the thigh and inner thigh muscles elastic.