The time of the "tank lip" is over: today the challenge of aesthetic lip-point surgery with a seductive but natural effect

The time of the "tank lip" is over: today the challenge of aesthetic lip-point surgery with a seductive but natural effect

di Maria Serena Patriarca

The mouth: always one of the parts of the face that most struck the artistic and poetic imagination, a source of beauty and seduction. Yet the “canotto” effect lips, which in the nineties marked, in part, the must requests of the cosmetic surgeon, are no longer considered a symbol of sex appeal, far from it. The new trend, especially from 2021 onwards, is that of lips that are as natural as possible, albeit well defined. A ban on aesthetic stereotypes, therefore, and space instead for moderation and proportion: Aesthetic Surgery, increasingly attentive to the sensitivity and desires of patients, chooses to promote natural beauty, with different solutions for all types of lips and for everyone. the imperfections caused by aging and stress. In fact, not only the signs of aging are deposited on our face, but also fatigue, urban pollution, stress: all “deteriorating” factors, which can be counteracted with the help of your trusted cosmetic surgeon.

As always, celebrities from the world of showbiz and the jet set set trends: Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez are proof that thin lips never go out of style. But there are also many fans of Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner, for example, convinced that the voluminous mouth is – instead – the characteristic that makes a woman’s face really sexy.

During the pandemic, despite the prolonged wearing of masks, the requests for volume and definition have more than doubled in Italy. It is a trend that began about three years ago in Eastern Europe, in which women have “maniacal” attention to the mouth and nails, whereas women from Western Europe take more care, for example, of their hair.

Before proceeding to transform your mouth into full and seductive it is always essential to rely on proven methodologies and expert professionals, to create shape and fullness in the lips and redesign their contours, remembering that the best result is the one that shuns any excess and aims at proportion and not to lips by social networks and by influencer .

To increase the volume and obtain softness, the most used procedure is the lip filler based on hyaluronic acid. The filler is inoculated with fine needles into the soft tissues and over the entire surface of the mouth, and the effect lasts about 6 months. To redraw the border (i.e. the thin line that separates the skin and the labial mucosa, i.e. the border of the vermilion), hyaluronic acid is also inoculated in this case. A well designed mouth is a sign of youth and gives an almost invisible but effective improvement. Also in this case the effect lasts about 6 months.

Lip Lift is the minimally invasive surgical procedure to “lift”: it is an alternative to additive cheiloplasty (which consists of grafting dermal tissue taken from the person into the labial mucosa) and gives a fuller and more permanent appearance to the drooping and thin upper lip. A micro-incision is made under the nose, and after a slight detachment, the excess skin fold is lifted and removed. The result is forever, but it is a complex procedure that requires some skill on the part of those who perform it.

Without forgetting the Lipostructure, which is a small surgical procedure that consists of volumetric augmentation with injections of autologous fat taken from the hips or abdomen, and subsequently purified and re-injected. The fat cells taken can be further fragmented and then, depending on the size, inoculated by means of mini cannulas or needles.

To erase wrinkles, new generation biorevitalizers can be used. For example, it is possible to resort to injections of an aqueous substance based on a cocktail of protein components (such as amino acids and nucleic acids) and vitamins, using the Nanosoft Fillmed, a particular instrument equipped with microscopic needles for its release. It is a painless treatment, to be renewed with regular applications.

Finally, if you want to change shape and mark the central part of the mouth, you can also resort to techniques that consist in giving greater prominence to the Cupid’s arch (“Russian Lips”), just like that of dolls. There are also various plant practices, and the most common consists in carrying out multiple hyaluronic acid injections, released in minimal quantities, in the internal part of the labial mucosa, with a rather elaborate protocol.