di Maria Serena Patriarca

Summer, the hottest season of the year, often in the common imagination is combined with a generalized stop of cosmetic surgery treatments. Yet this is a myth to dispel, and today – in fact – there is no scientific evidence regarding the contraindication of aesthetic interventions during the summer months.

Of course, each case – and each intervention or treatment – must be evaluated on its own, by talking to your referring physician.

Also considering the post-operative course, contrary to what many might think, summer is chosen by many professionals and managers to have enough time and tranquility to face a rejuvenation path without worries and timing stressful related to working days.

Despite the wetter climate and the high temperatures, therefore, even in July and August it is always possible to access cosmetic surgery, perhaps taking advantage of the holidays in order not to have the risk of returning to the workplace with scars still evident, but rather having enough time. necessary so that you do not notice in any way the beauty or wellness treatment to which you have undergone.

Let’s take a few practical examples: first of all, almost all of the aesthetic interventions involving the face can be carried out throughout the year, including the hot months: green light therefore to rhinoplasty for the nose, as well as to otoplasty, for example, ear improvement surgery, with some simple precautions.

It should be borne in mind that one of the countries where the most cosmetic surgery operations are performed in the world is Brazil, where it is hot and sunny all year round: just observe simple precautions.

Furthermore, even the botox and the filler can be performed without particular contraindications. Their specific remodeling and filling action of the facial features, in fact, will allow to obtain a more uniform complexion. In these cases, the only precaution required is to wait a few weeks before exposing yourself to the sun.

Attention, however, to blepharoplasty: if you want to rejuvenate your gaze, know that in this case it would be better to wait for September and the autumn months: it is not a categorical prohibition, but a suggestion linked to the fact that in this case the post-operative course could be a little ‘longer, and related bruising and swelling may not be completely reabsorbed in hot, muggy weather.

But what happens in the case of cosmetic surgery for the body? If it comes to breast lift and mammoplasty, you can proceed with peace of mind even in summer, since the increasingly less invasive intervention techniques mean that recovery times are shorter and shorter.

Of course, in this case too, you will have to pay close attention to sun exposure, and always remember to apply a cream with a very high protective factor: this precaution, together with the precaution not to expose them to the sun, will avoid irritating the scars.

For liposuction or the treatment of gynecomastia, on the other hand, it is better to wait for the colder months, since wearing the special containment sheaths for a long period after the surgery may not be pleasant during the holidays. All garments designed to compress and avoid sagging skin following liposuction, in fact, are undoubtedly not ideal to wear during the hot and sultry months. Last, but not least , in this period of the year we tend to sweat more and sweat is a problem for the correct healing of the tissues.

However, some general rules of summer wellness must be remembered to spend a peaceful holiday: avoid exposing yourself to direct sunlight in the central hours of the day, as well as remembering to moisturize the skin well (drinking plenty of water and using ad hoc shielding products. ) are the first secrets of a perfect summer beauty routine.

It is also essential to keep the sun protection factor high, especially on any scars.