di Maria Serena Patriarca

The post-pandemic effect is felt on the world of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The progressive “goodbye” to wearing masks, in fact, means that a real “rush” has been unleashed in the request for cosmetic surgery, especially with regard to facial rejuvenation. Showing a rejuvenated face, now that it is no longer hidden with the mask, is becoming a desire for women and men in Italy. The end of the state of emergency is to be understood as a sort of “rebirth” also from a psychic point of view, which is why there is a greater need to change or improve some aspects of the face that do not make us feel “comfortable”.

In our country, cosmetic surgeons confirm that the requests for interventions and treatments that guarantee a smooth appearance to the face near the summer holidays are constantly increasing.

The most requested interventions in recent months? Lips, nose, chin, neck and cheekbones. Among the most innovative facial lifting techniques (and less invasive, as well as more lasting than the classic lifting) is the composite Minilifting, which guarantees lower risks of complications and a faster recovery, and with which it is possible to easily intervene on the imperfections of cheeks, neck and cheekbones. The operation is carried out in day hospital formula, under local anesthesia with sedation.

Without forgetting that there is also a great demand for facial micro-prostheses for cheekbones, nose and lips (with a filling effect). In this case, tiny “medical grade” implants are used to rejuvenate and harmonize the face in a minimally invasive way.

In these weeks it is recommended to give an extra touch of freshness not only to the face and neck, but also to all those areas exposed to the sun that can be “critical”. How? Through micro-injections with products based on hyaluronic acid and vitamins, able to give new balance to the skin making it become more hydrated, luminous and smooth. In fact, biostimulation is a real cure-all for the neck, décolleté and face, and in 2 or 3 outpatient sessions (to be done every 20 or 30 days) you can get great results.

To stimulate the epithelial cells and ensure new brightness and smoothness there is also the treatment with Dermapen (microneedles applied to a rotor, without anesthesia), ideal in case of wrinkles and able to provide results from the first session; to accentuate the volume, hyaluronic acid in different concentrations or botulinum remain a must .

Even young men and women often resort to the cosmetic surgeon because they notice their face dull and tired. If the skin is young but stressed, you can think of an infiltrative based on vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. Without forgetting Ultherapy, a sophisticated instrument based on microfocused ultrasound approved by the FDA, which gives the face an effect similar to a lifting, but without resorting to surgery.

But beware: every cosmetic treatment or surgery must always be combined (also for optimal maintenance of results) with a healthy lifestyle. Eliminating smoking, finding the time to rest properly, carrying out the right amount of physical activity, nourishing and hydrating consciously without stressing too much not only the body, but not even the mind, are part of a vision of wellness a all round from which our beauty cannot ignore. Summer can be a good time to reprogram your habits, taking advantage of the days when you are free from work stress and urban pollution, all factors that also negatively affect the skin and the appearance of our face.