di Maria Serena Patriarca

Recent separation? New job? These are the moments that most sanction the use of cosmetic surgery for men. Men become more and more attentive to their appearance, especially in the “highlight” moments of life, when it is necessary to get back in the game in love or to focus on one’s image to regain new self-confidence, they turn to the cosmetic surgeon. Not only adults of standard age, but also young people and over 70: the range of those who resort to medicine and cosmetic surgery is widening, and it really seems that the desire to always be in shape has no age.

In particular, it is the so-called Generation Z that leverages on “ beautification ”, not so much to correct sagging or wrinkles, but to be more attractive.

Official data from the pre-Covid pandemic period say that there have been over a million interventions in our country, between aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. But the striking fact is that the last two years has seen a new trend as protagonist, that is the widening of the age gap of the target of the users of aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine in general, with an age range that starts from 18 years and exceeds in many cases the age of 70. In this context, men are increasingly affirming themselves as obsessed lovers of a pleasing image: just think that about 15 percent of those who resort to “retouching” are male, and that among them there are requests for botox . Password, in this case? Naturalness and harmony, without too obvious effects and respecting a 360-degree wellness perspective that sees the path of medicine and cosmetic surgery as an excursus through health and not just a vehicle of apparent beauty.

A particular focus deserves the trend of young people who often resort to cosmetic surgery, with the help of their parents, to feel at ease with themselves. Recent data has shown that as many as 53 percent of Italian adolescents have undergone aesthetic treatment. These range from removing unwanted hair to treating acne or stretch marks, or anti-cellulite treatments. In some cases, cosmetic surgery was used: rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, aesthetic correction of the ears (these are the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures).

Social networks, such as Instagram and Tik Tok for example, play a fundamental role in this context, and there are many young people who would like to imitate the sensual lips shown in photos or videos by influencers or influencers.

In summary, if preventive medicine is increasingly in vogue for the under 25s, among the over 40s, on the other hand, hi-tech corrective medicine is strong to fight blemishes, or solve wrinkles and sagging of the face, for which laxity is obtain great results with fillers based on calcium hydroxyapatite, a mineral salt present in our body in a natural way, and totally absorbable. The dream of many of the new clients of cosmetic surgeons? Redefine the lines of the jaw and the preauricular area, as well as the oval of the face in general. For this purpose, the use of hyaluronic acid but also of calcium hydroxyapatite, a substance that promotes the production of collagen and allows the skin to recompact, helps.